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  1. 2018.04.03 MASANGSOFT Releases 3D Flight Shooting Game ACEonline-DuelX VR

MASANGSOFT (CEO Sam Suk Kang) announced the launch of the 3D flight action game ‘ACEonline-DuelX VR.’ 

ACEonline-DuelX VR was created using the IP of the SF flight shooting MMORPG ‘ACE Online’, which is being developed and serviced by the company. 

ACEonline-DuelX VR is a 3D Flight shooting game featuring stylish action. Its flight actions are fully implemented through easy manipulation. It provides attractive scenarios and ample stages. It also features a wide range of individual gears, allowing users to play freely. 

An official at MASANGSOFT stated that “We hope to bring more realistic game with VR system which stimulates all your senses.” 

‘ACEonline-DuelX VR' can be downloaded from Oculus Market now. 


MASANGSOFT is a game developer and publisher specialized in PC Online, Mobile, VR titles. Founded in 2004, the flagship product ‘ACE Online’ is now serviced under 16 languages. 

It also develops and service unique online titles like ‘DK Online’, ‘Pristontale’, ‘Fishing Hero’, ‘Gunz’,‘Call of Chaos‘,‘Skid Rush’, ’Laghaim‘, ’Microvolts‘ globally. In addition, unique mobile contents like ‘Zombie pang’,‘ACE-X’,‘ Airwars VR’ are also under development by its mobile studio.

Oculus Market: http://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/16780336

ACE Online Global: http://global.masangsoft.com

ACE Online Europe: http://ar.masangsoft.com

ACE Online Japan: http://aojp.masangsoft.com

Website: https://www.masangsoft.com

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